3.0. How to register and get the full-working version

Reasons to register:

Graphics Converter Pro is a "Shareware" program. Everyone is entitled to evaluate the software for 30 days without charge. After 30 days, if you decline to register, many functions of the software will automatically become disabled.

Here's what you get with your Graphics Converter Pro registration:

Obtain your registration code in minutes.
Enable the full-working functions in minutes.
Upgrade to the newest full-working version in minutes.
Lifetime License! Never pay again for any new versions!

Notifications of main upgrade release.
Life-of-product technical support.
No time limit on usage.
No annoying registration notices.

Finally, your registering will inspire us to improve this program and continue to develop more and higher quality products in the future!

Registration Options and Prices:
Personal (1 to 9 copies)

Registration Fee: $49.95

Graphics Converter Pro Site License Orders (for companies that want to install 10 or more copies on their computers)
Copies 10 to 24, Registration Fee $45 (each copy)
Copies 25 to 49, Registration Fee $42 (each copy)
Copies 50 to 99, Registration Fee $39 (each copy)
Copies 100 plus, Registration Fee $36 (each copy)

RegNow and ShareIt are the software industry's premier registration commerce providers. In these systems, you can use the following available ordering options: Credit Card, Paypal and Wire Transfer. We highly recommend that you use our Secure Online Order facility.

Our payment service providers: RegNow, ShareIt and Paypal.
They are the most respected, reliable and efficient online order services in the world. They use secure payment systems and accept most common credit cards.
For more information about shareware registration and order-taking service providers, you may visit any one of our sites below:
http://www.Graphics Converter Pro.com

3.1. ONLINE ORDER is a very convenient and fast way to register Graphics Converter Pro

ONLINE ORDER is a very convenient and fast way to register Graphics Converter Pro .

Here is the Registration Process, step-by-step:

Step 1: Visit our Registration page

Step 2: Click "Buy Now" button and submit an online payment.

Step 3: After your order being authorized, we will send you the registration code and upgrading info immediately.
If you haven't received them within 12 hours, please send us a message by IconCool Feedback form .

Step 4: Upgrade your Graphics Converter Pro per the upgrading info received.

Step 5: Restart Graphics Converter Pro, enter your registration name(email) and code on the registration dialog box.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us with our Feedback system.

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